What Are The Costs for a New Jersey Divorce?

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It’s no secret that the costs of a divorce may add up over time. However, being prepared and knowing where these costs are coming from at the start can better prepare you and your finances for the divorce process. 

Here are some of the costs you can expect when getting a divorce in New Jersey:


The first fee you will encounter for your divorce is when you file. The New Jersey Court has a $300 fee for filing your papers to officially start the divorce process, also known as the “complaint.” However, if you have kids, there is an additional $25 Parent Education Registration fee. 

Process Server

For divorce, it is required that the person who files alerts the other party to their intent for divorce and gives them the required paperwork. If your spouse is not located nearby, is difficult to reach, is aggressive, etcetera, you may need to hire a process server; their job is to deliver the court papers to your spouse on your behalf. 

It will be an additional cost to you outside of the courts. Your documents must be served within 120 days after your complaint has been filed; otherwise, your case will be dismissed, and you’ll need to restart the filing process.  

Divorce Attorney

In a divorce that will go through the court system, a New Jersey divorce attorney is needed to represent you and guide you through all matters of the divorce process. An attorney only represents one spouse and will work to attain the most favorable outcome possible for their client. Divorce attorneys will typically charge by the hour and will require an initial retainer fee. 

The cost for your divorce attorney’s services will range based on the complexity of your case and the time it takes to resolve the matter. And just like other services, some attorneys may charge more than others. To make sure you’re working with the right, expert attorney, schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.  

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Summer Vacation and Child Custody: What You Need To Know

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Summer is the time that every child looks forward to; a well-deserved break from school, fun with friends at camp, or maybe even a vacation with mom or dad. For separated parents, however, the summer season can be difficult when managing child custody and the change in routine schedule.  

Understanding Child Custody Agreements in New Jersey For The Summer Season 

Because of the difficulty among separated and divorced parents in fairly managing summertime custody, the agreements are typically decided by the courts and specifically defined in the documents. New Jersey law equally considers both parents’ time for the summer season. 

Parenting schedules and vacation time are almost always specifically spelled out in a marital settlement agreement or court order. As a result, the agreement or order will discuss the parenting schedule for the summer months while the kids are out of school. For example, it is typically customary in New Jersey for each parent to receive two non-consecutive weeks of summer vacation time with their children each year. 

Regarding vacations and trips, each parent must generally provide advance notice and an itinerary to the other parent. Moreover, priority for vacation weeks often goes to the party who notifies the other party first. Outside of those two weeks of vacation time for each parent, the regular parenting schedule would then apply for the remainder of the summer. However, in some cases, agreements or orders may provide that parents will equally divide the entire summer with their children, either through alternating weeks of custody or some other rotating schedule. 

Work With The Right Child Custody Attorney in New Jersey

One of the best ways to be certain that there are no potential issues with your parenting time is by hiring the right lawyer. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable child custody attorney helps ensure your custody agreement thoroughly details the parenting schedule for your children’s summer vacation. 

The attorneys at the Law Office of Blake W. Rush always ensure that the custody agreement is highly detailed and addresses common issues such as parenting time schedules, transportation, summer vacation, phone contact, extra-curricular activities, etc., that parents are likely to encounter as their children grow older. 

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Why Should I Choose a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney For My Divorce?

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Matrimonial or family law matters, whether it be divorce, child custody, alimony, etc., are complex, lengthy, and expensive processes to finalize. To ensure the best results for your case, you need an expert attorney on your side. 

When looking for a family law attorney in New Jersey, if you want to be certain you are hiring the best and most qualified lawyer for you and your family, choose a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney.  

What is a New Jersey Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney?

A New Jersey Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney is a lawyer practicing matrimonial law that has been granted this official designation by the New Jersey Supreme Court. This honor is given to attorneys who have demonstrated a specific skill set and expertise in various family law matters for a diverse clientele, providing superior services and care for their clients.  

To obtain this certification, an attorney needs to have:

  • Practiced matrimonial law for at least five years
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the field
  • Completed continuing legal education courses
  • Obtained favorable evaluations from fellow attorneys and judges they have worked with
  • Passed a lengthy written exam

This rigorous certification process is why so few qualify to be a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney and why they are considered to be experts. 

The Importance of a Certified Matrimonial Certification

Out of approximately 80,000 registered attorneys in New Jersey, many of them practicing matrimonial law, there are fewer than 150 attorneys who have been found to be qualified for board certification by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Matrimonial Law Attorney. By choosing a Certified Matrimonial Attorney, you are working with a lawyer who has been recognized by the highest legal authority in the state of New Jersey as one of the elite 2% in their field. 

Attorney Blake W. Rush is one of the few select attorneys who have achieved this rare distinction of being a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney. When you turn to a Certified Matrimonial Attorney, rest assured you’re working with an expert and will receive the highest level of legal service for your case.  

What Does a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney Do?

New Jersey attorneys that are certified in matrimonial law are given this certification for their expertise in a variety of family law matters, including: 

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Adoption 
  • Mediation and dispute resolution
  • Prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements
  • Division of debts and assets
  • Domestic partnerships and civil unions 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Post-judgment relief

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When it comes to family law matters, you need an attorney who’s an expert and that you can trust. Attorney Blake W. Rush is a NJ Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney with extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of matrimonial law. 

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